Career cubix is a video job application portal which makes the recruitment process easier and time saving for both job seekers and recruiters. It allows job seekers to quickly record their video profiles and apply for a job. Career Cubix is a product developed by Skyries Innovations Private Limited. when they identified the challenges faced by recruiters, by conducting a survey of both job seekers and recruiters and decided to address the problem.

This concept seems to work effectively in few industries like IT, BPO, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Media and Retail where the roles are mostly sales or customer facing that has high emphasis on communication skills, personality and presentation skills.
We have designed our job search app with some dynamic features helping job candidates save precious time and extra efforts in finding the correct job offer. A full range of extensive features is provided in our job search app enabling job seekers find their right career path with advanced and fully custom modification our app features are designed to completely focus on the recruitment task.

Video resumes are an enhancement, not a replacement, to the traditional resume. As such, they offer the chance to expand and show the skills you have to offer, not just to recite what’s already on your resume. In fact, your 60 second video resume can give you a better chance to get noticed by employers, as paper resumes are only looked by recruiters for up to six seconds before a decision is made.

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