Having completed 17 years, Mangalore Jewels being top jewellers believes in being committed to its customers. The excellence of work can be found at Mangalore Jewels as its a top jewellers, J.P.Nagar.

Mangalore jewels was founded by Mr.Nagaraj Achar, father of Mr.Vikram Achar in the year 1995. Mangalore Jewels is progressing year by year. The client base is growing day by day. Mangalore Jewels has a rich heritage as royal jewellers . The forefathers of Mr.Vikram Achar once used to do jewels for the Maharajas of Mysore.We are top, best and royal jewellers in South Bangalore.

Mr.Vikram Achar knows very well how to cater to the requirement of the different tastes of people. Realizing the importance of making the precious articles available to the customers, Mangalore Jewels have different types of plans with options like Gold Rate Protection, Winning Big through Lucky Dips and gaining by Additional Bonus.

We have all variety and designs of jewellery / ornaments:
1. Gold
2. Diamond
3. Mangalorean
4. Chain / Necklace
a. Black beads
b. Kokketathi
c. Kasuhara
d. Kastali - Havala , Coral , Karimani
e. Hara - Kasina Hara, Moggu Hara , Mangalorean Moggu Hara , Mangalorean Jasmine , Long chain , Antique necklace
f. Tarakari Sara
g. Vegetable chain

5. Bangles - Pimbale, Ponchi , Coorgi , Simha
6. Pendents - Gilivale
7. Studs/ Ear Studs - Gilivale


  • Satendra Singh on 05/16/2022 07:48:21

    can you send me some kasuhara red coral and gold chain, short, one string designs

  • kavya on 03/06/2018 08:56:56

    The producta are all new , complete new designs and very good customer service.