Premalatha Homoeo Care specialises in treating developmental disorders, severe and complex pathologies that are considered incurable but the approach to every illness, even a simple cough is with the same degree of care and attention.
Imperial Clinics was founded by Dr. Premkiran.S.Poojary a unique philosophy. The individual is looked at, not their symptoms. Everything from the mind state to genetic disposition, from diet to social conditioning is taken into consideration, before a personalized line of treatment is devised. The ultimate aim is to strengthen the patient's immune system and stimulate their own DNA repair mechanism so they can fight off disease from within.
This scientific and logical methodology used by Premalatha Homoeo Care is rooted in Premkiran core principles and has become the benchmark in homeopathy.Today, Imperial Clinics is made up of the finest doctors, who have treated thousands the Premkiran way. They were personally selected and trained by Dr. Premkiran to provide healthcare that makes a difference.
Homeopathy at its scientific best.
We are the world's first Homeopathic healing portal that provides credible evaluation, diagnoses, education, information, prescriptions and treatment, using next generation technology and the classical principles of Dr. Premkiran.
Premalatha Homeopathic Clinic integrates the best of advanced technology and expertise to serve you homeopathic medication for a wide variety of diseases and conditions. We stand apart from other homeopathic medication in following a personalized work culture to get a better understanding of your specific problem and prescribing medication that is effective in solution and is affordable and cost-effective.

Premalatha Homeopathic Clinic is to serve each individual with passion and understanding and initiate the right healing process for a happier life.

Premalatha Homeopathic Clinic cures different types of Patient Such as

1. Diabetes
2. Acidity
3. Piles
4. Skin
5. Asthma
6. Adenoids
7. Thyroid
8. Child Diseases

Premalatha Homeopathic Clinic is One of the Best Clinic in Marathahalli, Bangalore.

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