Laser Treatment at Vitals Klinic is a medical procedure which requires training, experience and carries potential risks. Vitals Klinic have expert and experienced dermatologists who can understood the parameters and evaluated the best treatment with effective results. By using laser treatment for hair we can remove target dark, coarse hairs in a quicker and smart ways. It is safe, quick and effective.

scars are most awful complication.scars commonly due to post Acne,treumatic,surgical teratments are result of defective collagen remodeling.scar modifying lasers help in stimulation of growth factors which inturn stimulate new collagen formation which help in scar remodeling and hence its appearance and texture . Sagging of skin or ageing skin is also due to collagen remodeling as these lasers stimulate collagen remodeling they help in anti ageing.
• acne scar reduction
• facial skin rejuvenation
• traumatic scars
• sweating reduction
• facial skin tightening
• pores tightening

• safer and superior technology
• reduces the appearance of deeper,darker acne scars or age sports
• polishes the skin
• gives a more youthful glow to the skin
• smoother and firmer skin
• office time procedure
• monthly sessions and faster results

lasers for hair reductiopn

laser hair reduction is of the most commonly performedcosmetic procedures to remove unwanted hair follicles to highly concentraded light.The light is absorbed by the pigment in follicles and destoy th hair.Each pulse of the laser takes fraction of a second to destroy the hair follicle.
Laser hair removal is useful in removing unwanted hair from the following areas:
• face
• neck
• chest
• back
• arm &underarm
• shoulder
• bikini line
• hairy ears&nose
• upper lips&chin
• legs
• uni brow
Benifits of laser hair removal
• Safe,effective and painless way to remove unwanted hair
• Selectively targets dark &coarse hairs
• Suitable for all skin colour

Pigmentation laser and laser tonning
Facial rejuvenation is an effective way to reduce the effects of ageing, acne and sun exposure on face. Laser facial rejuvenation involves removal of skin layer by layer. The new skinh cells form during the healing period and give the skin tighter, healthier and younger looking surface. It reduces blotches, scars, wrinkles and fine lines of the face.

Results of facial rejuvenation
• Polishes the skin
• Gives a more youthful glow to skin
• Reduces the appearance deeper
• Buffs away fine lines and wrinkles
• Smoother and firmer skin
• removes darker scars and age spots

Vitals klinic for laser treatment for hair is mainly situated at BTM layout and other popular areas are rajajinagar, koramangala, malleswaram, indiranagar, jp nagar, vijayanagar, jayanagar, yelahanka.

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